About Me

I am a UX and visual designer that recently returned to the San Francisco Bay Area after spending 15 years in Los Angeles. In my past life, I worked in architecture and urban planning.


  • HTML + CSS
  • Handsketching + illustration
  • Mapmaking
  • Photography
  • Public + nonprofit clients
  • Korean language/culture


Bohemian Sketch | Adobe Creative Suite | Brackets | Pen + paper | AutoCAD + Sketchup

Fun facts:

The first website I built was a personal website hosted on Geocities in the late '90s. I enjoy gardening and playing board games. Past jobs not listed on my resume: woodworker, dishwasher, security guard at an art museum.


Print Magazine (August 2012, p70-71) about LA-based designers and makers.
Radio Netherlands Worldwide interview about "Coffee Table in the City" project.